The Future Belongs to
Those Who Build It

The Future Belongs to
Those Who Build It

There are moments in time that define our future

Developing Excellence

Without education, we are lost. Why build new infrastructure when Pietermaritzburg already boasts a rich history of producing Fortune 500 company directors and legendary sportsmen/women who have made life-changing impacts? Our city’s architecture stands on a solid foundation of excellence in education, extraordinary medical care, and a resilient community spirit, evidenced by thriving retirement and older person care communities.

The member schools and businesses of Love Pietermaritzburg have a long-entwined history with the city and are committed to its upliftment. Our dedicated team of business owners, headmasters and their staff have focused their attention on harnessing the power of communities with school-going children, creating an environment that supports family life.

Pietermaritzburg, a city rooted in education and sport, needs your support to reclaim its legacy as an educational and sporting epicentre of international excellence. Let’s reignite our city’s reputation and build a brighter future together.

Enriching the Community

Msunduzi is home to prestigious public and private educational institutions including the University of KwaZulu-Natal and Durban University of Technology campuses. It is richly endowed with schools that are nationally and internationally regarded and the reputation of schooling in Pietermaritzburg draws people to the city. Linked closely with education is an incredible legacy of sport and action that have placed Pietermaritzburg on the map for more than a century.

To preserve and grow this legacy we have sought the endorsement of the Msunduzi Municipality to work together to establish, strengthen and drive recognised precincts of hope and excellence, and building an excellent track record as we seek collectively to support growth in the city.

Empowering Growth

By empowering those who can make a difference, we support positive initiatives towards the regeneration and proper use of existing facilities, fostering a positive climate for families, enterprises, scholars and sportsmen and women to thrive and grow.

Our goal is to unite all education-focused entities in implementing a comprehensive and supportive strategy, for each precinct, to reimagine our city as a functioning space that supports the growth and needs of all those who interact with our City. We aspire to develop and reclaim clean, green, and safe spaces in each precinct through collaboration and partnerships for the benefit of all who live and work here. The aim is to promote a sense of ownership by the community, and ensure efficient management and maintenance within our Pietermaritzburg precincts.

It is not by coincidence that most great cities have a river running through them – ours is the Duzi.

Revitalising Msunduzi

Our chosen focus for the next year is: water and the waterways of Mzunduzi. The quality of water directly affects the quality of life of everyone who calls Pietermaritzburg their home. Although we know that ‘A river runs through every great city’, our river, The Duzi River, is in crisis. Immediate action is required to support the Msunduzi River Crisis Committee. Of course we need funds for legal assistance, promotional material, and launching public campaigns; but what our city really needs is for every citizen to understand the value of water and to take note of how the state of our river reflects the state of our City.

Water is a scarce resource, and the neglect of our water management policies and practices has put the Duzi at risk. As the lifeblood of our City, we must prioritise its health. While the highway is being built and the city’s governance is reestablished, our schools and educational institutions need to survive. We must build the lifestyle we envision and need society to join the dots, creating a catalyst for mutual private/public sector benefit.

Change is needed, but it requires action. Learn more about how you can contribute to a growing urban action movement. We invite you to join us and play your role in creating a new city that you will love to live in.

Our Great Msunduzi River

In support of Dave Still, the convenor of the Msunduzi River Crisis Committee, we ask you to consider and sign the petition, and thereafter distribute it to anyone you think might be willing to sign it. If we can get this to go viral, we might just make a difference again!